We’re Going Simple This Year…

Have you ever wondered what goes into an Einstein Bros. bagel, besides your choice of delicious cream cheese? Well, we’re about to pull back the curtain and reveal exactly what makes our bagels taste so good. You ready? You sure? Here it is:

Water. Flour. Yeast. Brown Sugar. Salt.

But what about artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners? Nope. Hydrogenated or trans fats? Nadda. Preservatives? MSG? High fructose corn syrup? None of the above. It’s a truly simple recipe, but the coolest thing about it is that we’ve always used these simple ingredients. We even removed the dough conditioner, because the bagels taste just as great without it. We should know – we’ve been using this new, simple recipe for months without anyone noticing! This is all part of our journey this year to serve only the best food to our guests, made with simple, wholesome ingredients. We’re starting with our bagels, but be on the lookout for our entire menu to get simplified, like shmears with no artificial flavors or colors later this year!

To celebrate our simply delicious bagels, join us on National Bagel Day, Thursday, February 9, for a FREE Bagel & Shmear! To get this deal, visit https://www.einsteinbrosbagels.com/nationalbagelday to download your free coupon!


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